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Vogel Business Media

  • MM Maschinenmarkt

    Distribution area: Germany
    Language version: German

  • SMM Schweizer Maschinenmarkt

    Distribution area: Switzerland
    Language version: German

  • MSM Le Mensuel de l´industrie (French speaking issue)

    Distribution area: Switzerland(French district)
    Language version: French

  • MM Das österreichische industriemagazin

    Distribution area: Austria (Vienna)
    Circulation:10,500/12 issues/year
    Language version: German

  • MM Magazyn Przemyslowy

    Distribution area: Poland
    Circulation:5,000-7,000/Monthly(10 issues/year)
    Language version: Polish

  • MM Pr°umyslové spektrum

    Distribution area: Czech Republic
    Circulation:9,000/Monthly(10 issues/year)
    Language version: Czech

  • MM Müszaki Magazin

    Distribution area: Hungary
    Circulation:8,000/ 10 issues /year
    Language version: Hungarian

  • MM Money and technologies

    Distribution area: Ukraine
    Circulation:10,000/ 10 issues/year
    Language version: Russian

  • MM Makina Magazin

    Distribution area: Turkey
    Circulation:10,000/12 issues/year
    Language version: Turkish

  • MM the industrial Magazine

    Distribution area: Thailand
    Circulation:20,000/ 10 issues/year
    Language version: Thai

  • MM india

    Distribution area: India
    Circulation:15,000/ 6 issues/year
    Language version: Hindi

  • European Tool & Mould Making (ETMM)

    Distribution area: Germany
    Other countries: Austria、Eastern Europe、United Kingdom、Ireland、Turkey、Mediterranean countries、Spain、
    Circulation:18,094/10 issues/year
    Language version: English


    Distribution area: German language country
    Circulation: 40,507/Biweekly
    Language version: German

  • konstruktionspraxis

    Distribution area: Germany
    Circulation: 23,060/Monthly + special issue
    Language version: German


    Distribution area: Germany 21,255 + Austria 481 + Switzerland 662 + Benelux 214 ; Other countries 578 ; Other 1,069
    Language version: German 、 English

  • Blechnet

    Distribution area: Germany、 Other
    Circulation: 10,093 ( Germany 9,972 ; Other 121) 6 issues per year
    Language version: German

  • DeviceMed

    Distribution area: Germany、 Other
    Circulation:11,409 ( Germany 10,212; Austria/ Switzerland 1,197 ) /10 issues per year
    Language version: German


    Distribution area: Germany
    Circulation: 5,143/ 7 issues per year
    Language version: German

  • MM Logistik

    Distribution area: Germany
    Circulation: 15,537/ 8 issues per year + special issue
    Language version: German

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